How a Professional Eye Exam Can Detect Convergence Disorders in Kids

If it seems like your school-age child is becoming easily distracted, has problems focusing on detailed written pages or reports seeing doubles of words, then he or she may have a convergence problem. The two eyes must properly converge in order to read pages of a book with a lot of text or to pay attention to a page with many math problems on it. When the eyes do not converge, a child may have eye strain and frequent headaches. A professional exam with your Indianapolis eye doctor may be able to detect such vision problems so that treatment can begin.

A Visit to the Optometrist: What to Expect if You Need Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses are much more than simple fashion statements; they are important pieces of technology that can greatly improve quality of life. This is why it is important for individuals to pay visits to an optometrist in Indianapolis to make sure that these indispensable tools are available to all that need them. When patients make the trip to the optometrist, the physician will be checking for four commonly seen eye conditions.

Visiting an Eye Doctor for Regular Checkups is Vital to Overall Health

Prevention is always much better than cure. This simple fact explains why individuals of all ages should make it a priority to get regular medical checkups. In addition to the general examination, wise patients will take the time to have specific parts of the body checked. One such procedure that is easy to overlook but vital for continued health and wellness is a thorough eye examination.

Eye Doctors in Indianapolis: Effects of Natural Aging on Your Vision

As you grow older, your vision may deteriorate. Aging can impact the health of your eyes and cause a host of vision issues, many of which can be treated or prevented by regular eye care. When you wonder just why you should visit regularly with eye doctors in Indianapolis, patients like you may be convinced by learning to what vision conditions you may be at risk and how these issues can be treated or prevented.

Tips from an Optometrist: Winter Eye Care for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers who live in parts of the country, such as Indianapolis, with frigid temperatures and dry air in the winter are more susceptible to rapid tear evaporation, which leads to dryness, irritation, and pain. As tears keep the surface of the eye clean and safe from infection, excessively dry eyes put one’s vision and eye health at a greater risk.

While you can’t change the weather, you can reduce and prevent dry eye symptoms while wearing contacts. The following are some tips that an optometrist in Indianapolis typically shares with clients, which you may find quite useful.

What Patients Can Expect On Their First Visit to Their Eye Doctors

When considering their overall well-being, many people neglect to consider the state of their eyes. Individuals without any visual problems would do well to visit the eye doctor for a routine exam once every two years. If you don’t wear contacts or glasses, you may wonder what such an exam is all about. You can rest easy as appointments with eye doctors in Indianapolis are a standard and worry-free experience.

Annual Eye Exams Help Detect and Treat Severe Eye Conditions Early

It’s no secret that our vision deteriorates as we age. Unfortunately, some eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration do not show noticeable symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. This is why it is important for adults ages 18 to 60 to come in for an eye exam at least once every two years. Adults ages 61 and older, on the other hand, are advised to have an eye exam annually.