Eye Doctors in Indianapolis: Effects of Natural Aging on Your Vision

As you grow older, your vision may deteriorate. Aging can impact the health of your eyes and cause a host of vision issues, many of which can be treated or prevented by regular eye care. When you wonder just why you should visit regularly with eye doctors in Indianapolis, patients like you may be convinced by learning to what vision conditions you may be at risk and how these issues can be treated or prevented.

Eye Doctors in Indianapolis: Effects of Natural Aging on Your Vision
Age-Related Vision Impairment

Macular degeneration is one of the most common age-related vision conditions experienced by people over the age of 30. Macular degeneration usually starts gradually. You may notice at first that the floaters in your eyes become more apparent and even seem to increase. Within a few years, you may start seeing tiny black dots in your line of vision.

The floaters and dots indicate that your retinas could be detaching from the back of your eyes. As scary as this condition sounds, it can be fixed quite easily by skilled Indianapolis eye doctors. You could be a good candidate for undergoing laser eye surgery. You also could receive steroid injections in your eyes to prevent the retinal detachment. With ongoing care, you can enjoy good vision without having to wear stronger glasses or contact lenses.

Farsightedness is another condition experienced by aging individuals. You may see things up close very well. As you move farther away, however, these objects become blurry and faint. Farsightedness can be a real problem if you are still driving. You need to be able to see traffic signs and stop lights several yards before you approach them. If you are having difficulty seeing well while driving or identifying objects from a distance, you can see an eye doctor from practices like 96th Street Eye Care for a stronger pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Likewise, nearsightedness is another issue some aging individuals face. As with farsightedness, stronger glasses or lenses could be your answer. When you visit with your eye doctor, you can receive comprehensive eye care that will prevent long-term vision loss. People want to remain as independent as they can for as long as possible. Being able to see well is a key factor in whether or not you will maintain your independence or if you must rely on others. You can safeguard your vision by seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis.



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