Eye Doctors Provide Insight on Reading Glasses and Proper Eye Care

Most people are inherently born with clear eyesight. This, however, is lost over time due to aging and one’s daily habits. In the past, reading glasses were usually reserved for older adults. Today, it is not uncommon to see children and adolescents with eyeglasses.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are among the most commonly worn types of eyewear. They serve to facilitate proper vision, which is one of the most important senses we have. This is why it’s important to find the right pair of reading glasses.

Basics of Buying Reading Glasses

Reading glasses have two general types, glasses with full frames with both lenses prescribed for reading up close, and the half-eye ones, which allow for wearers to read up close and see afar. Individuals who have only needed eyeglasses later in their lives usually begin with a simple pair of reading glasses than bifocals.

Either of these may also be fashioned or purchased in two ways, custom-made or pre-fabricated. Eye experts highly recommend custom-made reading glasses, especially since most people have a different prescription for each eye. This is also to ensure that the center of the lenses are perfectly aligned with your eyes, providing optimal vision.

Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

While reading glasses address blurry vision as we age, eye doctors claim that people should also ramp up their efforts to maintain their vision. After all, poor eye care habits can cause vision to deteriorate further.

One step you can take would be to change your diet. Apart from carrots, you should also eat a lot of fruits, dark leafy vegetables, and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids. These food items provide vitamins and minerals that improve eyesight.

You are also advised to have regular eye exams. These exams serve as a preventive measure against severe eye conditions that cause eyesight to deteriorate. If nothing else, your eye doctor can ensure your reading glasses still offer the right prescription for your eyes. This is important because wearing the wrong prescription can cause eyesight to deteriorate further, as well as headaches and other symptoms.

If you believe you would benefit from having prescription reading glasses made, do not hesitate to drop by a trusted eye care center in Indianapolis like 96th Street Eye Care. Experienced eye doctors can help identify ways you can take better care of your eyesight, and easily prescribe the perfect pair of reading glasses for you.


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