Crossroads Eye Care believes in using the best and most up-to-date lens technology available. It is because of this that we have chosen to use the Essilor brand family of products. These products include Crizal, Varilux, Transitions, Eyezen+, and XperioUV lenses.
Below you will find a brief description of each along with the ability to learn more by clicking on the links provided.

No-Glare lenses that provide the clearest possible vision:
  • Superior glare, scratch and smudge protection
  • Optimal for night driving and computer use
  • The most comprehensive UV protection

Light adaptive lenses that automatically adjusts to changing light:
  • Constantly adapts so you always see your best
  • Fully clear and darkens outdoors
  • Reduces exposure to Harmful Blue Light* and UV
*Transitions lenses block at least 85% of Harmful Blue Light

The Progressive lens that provides sharper, more natural vision:
  • Sharp vision, even in dim lighting
  • Easily shift focus from near to far and all the distances in between
  • #1 progressive lens brand

The digital single vision lens that provides comfortable vision:
  • An enhanced single vision solution
  • Helps defend against digital eyestrain
  • Reduces exposure to Harmful Blue Light*
*Eyezen+ lenses block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light

Polarized sun lenses that protect against the sun outside:
  • Maximum UV protection for the best vision under the sun
  • Eliminates glare for sharp outdoor color perception
  • Exceptional scratch resistance and easy to clean