Frame and Lens Styling

Picking out your new glasses is the fun part! Glasses have evolved a lot over the years. They are no longer just a way of helping you see clearly, they are a way to say something about yourself, make a fashion statement or  accessorize! And just like shoes, we often need more than one pair to go with different looks and activities. 

Are you a bold person?
Are you someone who wants their glasses to blend, rather than standout?
Do you want to try something different and new?

No matter your preference, we have a variety of frames that will meet your needs. However, great frames are only one-half of the picture. Your lenses are actually the most important feature to your eye wear!
During your eye exam, our Optometrists will determine your prescription and make recommendations based upon your specific needs.  Those recommendations are then conveyed to our opticians to help you select the lenses that are right for you.  Lens technology and all of the options for them can be overwhelming! At Crossroads Eye Care, we will take the time to educate you about all of these options so you fully understand the benefits of our recommendations.   
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