Visiting an Eye Doctor for Regular Checkups is Vital to Overall Health

Prevention is always much better than cure. This simple fact explains why individuals of all ages should make it a priority to get regular medical checkups. In addition to the general examination, wise patients will take the time to have specific parts of the body checked. One such procedure that is easy to overlook but vital for continued health and wellness is a thorough eye examination.

Visiting an Eye Doctor for Regular Checkups is Vital to Overall Health

This article will take a closer look at this subject, and will inform readers about some of the important benefits that make eye examinations indispensable.

Benefits of Eye Exams

During a typical eye exam, the doctor will be for some very specific things. Included are the following.

Strabismus. This condition is characterized by eyes that are crossed or turned in the wrong direction. Typically, the physician will check the alignment of the eyes to make sure they’re working together in tandem. If left untreated, it can cause issues with depth perception that can lead to amblyopia.

Problems with eye teaming. Binocular vision problems can be the diagnosis if the eyes appear to be working separately. This can lead to headaches, eyestrain, and issues with clearly seeing objects that are nearby.

Problems with focusing. These issues exist on a continuum that can range from profoundly undeveloped focusing skills in kids, to declines in focusing ability that are related to the aging process.

Diseases of the eye. Common diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma often have no symptoms early on in their development. An eye doctor in Indianapolis will take detailed looks at the eye in an effort to detect issues early in their development. This can be the difference between a healthy recovery and possible permanent vision loss.

Detect diseases unrelated to the eye. Eye doctors play a crucial role in the early detections of many diseases other than eye disease. By looking at the blood vessels of the eye and the retina, physicians are often able to tell if high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or chronic conditions are taking hold.

An example of this would be the small blood vessel leaks that can be caused by the onset of diabetes. If detected early, the diabetes can often be managed without medication.

As can be seen, exams from eye doctors in Indianapolis are a crucial part of the total health picture. Individuals are urged to protect the health of themselves and their families by booking their next checkup today.



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